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Should I see a therapist or a psychiatrist?

Find out which is right for you on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Important note: It may take up to 10 business days to be seen by a therapist. If you feel you need more urgent help, please call the toll free number on the back of your ID card.

Why log in to

Log in on the left-hand side of this page to see which therapists, psychiatrists, or hospitals are in your network to make sure your benefits cover your sessions.

How do I find a therapist, psychiatrist, hospital, or clinic?

Use the form below to search by specific preferences. Or click "Search by Name" on the left-hand side of this page to find a specific provider, hospital, clinic, or behavioral program. If you are in need of Behavioral Telehealth services such as video-based counseling or medication management and you reside in the states of AZ, CA, CO, DC, GA, HI, IL, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MO, MS, MT, NH, NM, OK, OR, TN, TX, VA, and VT, please call a personal advocate for more information using the number on the back of your ID card.

What is the difference between in-network versus out-of-network

There are many benefits to choosing a therapist, psychiatrist, hospital or clinic in-network versus out. Discover the difference, benefits and questions that can help here.

When do I need an authorization before my appointment?

Hospital Care and other Specialty Services: Pre-authorization is needed; call the number on the back of your ID card.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Counseling: Authorization is needed for these services, which, if eligible, are available at no cost for limited sessions. Log in to see if you are eligible and obtain authorization online or call the number on the back of your ID card. This information only applies to Cigna EAP services.

When do I not need an authorization before my appointment?

You don't need an authorization for most visits to a therapist or psychiatrist in your network for routine, outpatient care.

For best results, please log in at the left, using your Employer ID. This will ensure that you receive the correct referrals for your specific plan.
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